Download Page for wshForCZP Version 1

Help Files

Help files in English and German available (both included in the installation package):

wshForCZP_English.chm (size: 511 KB)

wshForCZP_Deutsch.chm (size: 542 KB)

Download wshForCZP_English.chm

Download wshForCZP_Deutsch.chm

Newer versions of Windows may possibly prevent the display of .chm files. For this reason you may read help for wshForCZP in English and in German here on this website.

Installation Package

wshForCZP will run on any Microsoft Windows system suitable for the program CombineZP. CombineZP must be installed.

You get the file wshForCZP_Setup.msi (size: 3.06 MB).

Download wshForCZP_Setup.msi

wshForCZP is freeware and comes without any guarantee.